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Hello there



🎁 February 2022 Supporter Bundle - 590k

or separately:

🐼 Purple Panda Plushie (Epic) 490k

👀 Glowing Hearts Glasses (Epic) 300k

🚿 Decorated White Fancy Vanity (Epic) 100k

🛡️ Purikura Sticker Badges Bundle (Rare) 50k



🦄 Gold Unicorn Horn (Very rare) [WO] 3k

📡 Premium Pet Catcher (Rare) 39k

🕶 Black Scifi Visor (Common) [WO] 3k

🗃️ Brown barrel (Uncommon) [WO] 3k


Wall Furniture:

❤️ International Day for Tolerance Poster (Rare) 5k

👕 White Shirt Hanger (Common) [WO] 2k


Floor Furniture:

🪑 Yellow Clover Cushion (Rare) [WO] 10k

🪑 Dark Wood Chair (Rare) [WO] 5k

🪑 Yellow Wood Armed Couch (Rare) [WO] 5k

🪑 Blue Wood Armed Couch (Rare) [WO] 5k

📌 Pin Board (Uncommon) [WO] 19k

🪑 Small White Table (Uncommon) [WO] 4k

🪑 Brown Wood Armed Couch (Common) [WO] 2k

🪑 Wood Circle Table (Common) [WO] 2k

🪑 Brown Wood Armed Couch (Common) 1k

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