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Introductions system


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Basically when the member sends a command (like +intro), the BOT would open a DM conversation asking the questions defined by admins, one by one, like a form for the user to answer.

When the member finishes answering the questions, the filled form is presented in a defined channel (like #introductions), so other members can get to know more about the new member.

The main reason i'm requesting it is because i need to ditch the BOT i was using (IntroBOT) since i cant remove intros from previous members (both members that left the server for own accord or kicked/banned members). Also other reason i'm asking it is because Discord staff still didnt added the input fields on Rule Screening menu (also no ETA), something i think will eliminate the needing of intro systems like this in the future.

Anyway thanks so much for Tatsu!

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