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Allow 1:1 swapping of all Event items


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Suggestion:  Allow 1:1 swapping of non-tradable event items (purchased with Sproutlings / found in Gift Baskets) like how we are able to 1:1 swap the Blossoms

Reason:  To enhance the aspect of playing with friends/the community and bring greater enjoyment to players of the event.  We're finding non-tradable items at random in our Gift Baskets.  It would add a lot to the joy and "playing together" experience of this event if we could swap items.

On my server repeat items have popped out of Gift Baskets for users, and people are finding things they have no interest in, but someone else on the server would love to have.  It's sad to be "stuck with it" and there is no purpose for it to be this way!!

Please allow us to swap these items 1:1 to make it easier for us to complete collections of what we actually want to have in our inventory, and allow us to feel like we're truly playing with our friends instead of at our friends.

Many players have also expressed an interest in being able to do 1:1 trades of the garden arches; I would like this, too.  But will be happy with 1:1 tradable Sproutling items!

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updotting it
I'd also love to complete my starlight/winter scarves collection (which I got dupes due the RNG cosmetic bag) swapping with others 1:1 same as it happens with blossom flowers.

Good suggestion!,


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