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a way to disable the new t!tg feature that asks what room you want to view before you can see your pet stats.

don’t get me wrong it’s great for the people who actually care/want to see their pet in a specific room and not have to do the command repeatedly for that to happen. but it’s very annoying for others who don’t care and just want to quickly check on their pets stats 

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Hi :)

Personally, I'd prefer the new feature of choosing room in t!tg command be a separate command (not removed) as

- it takes longer to load

- I'm on IPhone, so getting to the numbers takes more effort than what was originally needed

- I don't mind which room my pet is in.

However, I can understand why people want it. And, I don't know how discord bot programming works, so maybe it's easier for the devs this way. Maybe they knew some people wouldn't like it and (I'm guessing) would have made a workaround if possible. 

Anyway, solved the problem just for myself my copying "t!tg 1" and pasting it when wanted, or using "t!info".


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