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Selling allot of Cosmetics/Furni [Cheapest]


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Cheapest on the market

U won't get any better deals anywhere else. open for negotiation


  • Red Cyborg Visor (2k)
  • Blue Cyborg Visor (2k)
  • Black Scifi Visor (2k)
  • Gold unicorn horn (15k)
  • Black Bandana (5k)
  • Green Bandana (5k)
  • Gold Military Medal (10k)
  • Gold Medal (10k)
  • Yellow Flower Necklace (10k)
  • Blue Necktie (5k)
  • Pink Ribbon Headband (20k)
  • Silver Tiara (30k)
  • Yellow Rubber Duck (30k)
  • Gold Tiara (35k)
  • Golden Halo (60k)
  • Straw Beach Hat (55k)
  • Mexican Hat (30k)
  • Leprechaun Hat (Out of Stock)
  • Brown Feather Hat (20k)
  • Purple Wizard Hat (Out of Stock)
  • Black Top Hat (45k)
  • White Flower Headband (50k)
  • Black Insect Headband (15k)
  • Red Rose (50k)
  • Red Ribbon (35k)
  • Blue Bow (40k)
  • Red Bowtie (25k)
  • White Pearl Necklace (30k)
  • Plain Black Sunglasses (60k)
  • Plain Black Glasses (10k)
  • Pink Fancy Glasses (40k)
  • 3D Glasses (15k)
  • Red Heart Glasses (65k)
  • Round Teashade Glasses (35k)
  • Blue Gamer Monocle (45k)
  • Brown Round Monocle (25k)
  • Gold Starry Eyes (3k)

        Got other cosmetics to so Dm me On Discord <--


  • Pin Board (40k)
  • Crate (50k)
  • Stool (50k)
  • Framed Picture (50k)
  • Behehe Wall Poster(100k)
  • Flatscreen TV (Out of Stock)
  • Towel (60k)
  • Red Gamer Chair (10k)
  • Gray Gamer Chair (10k)
  • Purple Gamer Chair (10k)
  • Black PC/Computer (10k)
  • Potted Wall Roses (Out of Stock)
  • Potted Wall Violets (Out of Stock)
  • Sturdy Wood Bed (7k)
  • Gray Metal Bed (6k)
  • Fancy Bed (Out of Stock)
  • Pink Bunny Stack (9k)

        If ur looking for any chairs, sofa's, tables, Dresser's etc. Dm me aswell.

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