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  1. like on treetsu, xmas tree, legacys prestiges plaques...stuff that need animations. would be cool, but i know that it will be hard because have a lot of furnitures and maybe can buggy the system, but thats only my suggestion.
  2. i was thinking in suggest this on the discord server, but sadly only can suggest furnitures and cosmetics there, so....and if u do a white akita inu, a fluffy pomeranian and a pastel nowerian forest with other color? or just a nowerian forest with a normal color, or gold color, i dunno. well, that was my suggestion, thanks for reading!
  3. The last update of the bot was very nice, with daycares and etc. But is it ask a lot for wanting more slots in our houses like the daycare? sometimes people buy other houses for put more stuff, and would be cool, in my opinion, more slots in houses. And i guess it's not just me that want/wait for this.
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