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  1. Hi developers! This update brings two highly requested features, JSON API error responses and an endpoint to modify a guild member's score. JSON API errors When you encounter an API error, you will now get a response formatted as JSON, which will include two fields: code and message, alongside a standard HTTP status code. In addition, the errors will be more detailed where the error is not generic, such as a guild member not being found. In this case, the response will be something like this: { "code": 1003, "message": "Unknown guild member" } For generic errors such as bad requests, the code will always be 0. { "code": 0, "message": "400: Bad Request" } { "code": 0, "message": "401: Unauthorized" } For a full list of JSON error codes and their respective descriptions, see the full reference on our API documentation here. Modify guild member score endpoint The other highly requested feature that makes it way as part of this update, is the endpoint to modify a guild member's score. To use this endpoint, you must have the MANAGE_GUILD permission in the guild, unless you are the guild owner. Note: Guild admins who do not explicitly have this permission are unable to use this endpoint. This will be fixed soon. Update 08 July 2021: This issue is now fixed. For each request, you are able to add or remove between 1 and 100,000 server score. See the full reference for this endpoint on the guilds API documentation page. Wrap up Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates. Be sure to follow our Twitter and join our Discord server to stay up to date with the latest info. Hassie | API Developer & Maintainer
  2. Hello developers! Welcome to another API update. This release brings new fields for the user profile endpoint and new guild ranking endpoints. New User Profile Fields avatar_hash - The user's Discord avatar hash. This field can be used if you want full control of what to do with the user's avatar. avatar_url will continue to be returned with the correct file type i.e. gif if it animated, png otherwise. subscription_type - This field returns the user's supporter subscription type. 0 = None 1 = Supporter 2 = Supporter+ 3 = Supporter++ subscription_renewal - This field returns the user's subscription renewal time as a ISO8601 timestamp if they have a subscription. Otherwise, this field is not returned. New Guild Ranking Endpoints The following endpoints have been added: Get Current Month Guild Member Ranking - Gets a guild member's ranking for the current month. Get Current Month Guild Rankings - Gets a guild's rankings for the current month. Get Current Week Guild Member Ranking - Gets a guild member's ranking for the current week. Get Current Week Guild Rankings - Gets a guild's rankings for the current week. Note: These endpoints currently do not return correct data due to internal bugs. These endpoints may have to be pulled in a future update. Treat these endpoints as an alpha release. Documentation Updates As always, the API docs have been updated to reflect these changes. Refer to the docs for full reference: https://dev.tatsu.gg End That's all for this update. Hassie | API Developer & Maintainer
  3. API Changes Hello developers! This release contains bug fixes for the users API endpoints where users were not being returned if they had missing data such as profile title and infobox text. A 404 response now represents the true state of Tatsu users. If the user is not present in any servers with Tatsu, then 404 will be returned regardless of whether they have Tatsu data or not. API Libraries Since the last API update, we now have 4 libraries ready for use, 3 of them developed by our awesome community members. These libraries meet our standards for authentication and rate limiting. If you have developed a library and would like to submit it, please visit the #api-support channel and read the pinned message about submitting libraries. We'd love to add more libraries for developers to use. Tatsu [TypeScript] - TheEvilSocks Tatsu API Go (Official) [Go] - Hassie Tatsu.py [Python] - Pum TatsuPI [JavaScript] - Elspeth You can find the full list here. Website Update We've also made improvements to the documentation site by removing the hash from the URL which was causing issues for various users: https://dev.tatsu.gg/#/ => https://dev.tatsu.gg/ If you have referenced the website in any location, please be sure to update the links. Thanks for reading! Hassie | API Developer/Project Maintainer
  4. Pets [EPIC] Raven - 80K [UNCOMMON] Tabby British Shorthair - 5K Flooring White Modeco Marble Flooring - 45K DM/Ping in Tatsu Lounge for offers. Open for negotiations.
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