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  1. Quite honestly, I find them extremely obnoxious. There have been times where I'm searching for an item, see like 20 results for said item in server... Only for there to be repeats, either in buying or selling ads. It is absolutely mentally exhausting because I look and expect 1 per user only to see that theres a user or more who have repeated their post without deleting the old.
  2. I really hope so, it is a fantastic idea and the rendering you did just makes my heart swell with joy at the thought. Purple doggo is such an amazing and beautiful concept!
  3. I absolutely love it, Lauren, I cannot get enough of how cute this is!
  4. The husky and malamute are close in relation to image within the Tatsugotchi, there wouldn't be much difference really because the body is slightly slimmer (barely), the ears are more up top (not by much), and the basics of the build are quite similar, so its easier to just call it that. I called it Husky because it just looks so much like one to me and I've never seen a malamute irl but I've seen a husky xD
  5. A galaxy version would actually be super sweet and way awesome, the spaniel being a blank canvas would be an excellent choice!
  6. Someone actually made a mock up of a purpley blurple Husky, it is to DIE for. I love it so much!
  7. So I have noticed that I'm not alone in my desire/need/want for a purple dog. We have the purple starling (bird) and we now have had the Galaxy Purple Nebelung (cat) but we have failed our dog community members and our purple lovers everywhere within the tatsu - tatsugotchi community. I have been asked and thusly compiled a list of acceptable doggos for potential recolor (if necessary) for the purple dog fan club, many of which are agreed upon or at least acceptable. Recommendations for purple dog Labrador Border collie Beagle Corgi Argentino Spaniel Samoyed Husky Thank you for your time and consideration.
  8. Or wait maybe two different walls? Mirror images of themselves, so like on the left would be border, curtain, screen - then the right be screen continued, curtain, border ?
  9. I don't think we missed anything, it looks like a complete list to me!
  10. Oooo yea like a proper theater! That would be great! I love it
  11. Well, walls in DC don't have windows anyhow, so that'd be fine, since a lot of people do the most amazing things with daycares. As for the floor, most theaters/cinema I've been to have black carpet with a red runway between the isles, so that'd be fitting, right? Maybe add like a strip of gold/silver between the black and red to add emphasis?
  12. Oh my gosh that would be so great! A full on cinema theme! Marcia says it would need to be a wall paper (the cinema screen) or it'd be too small. Logically, she is right. I thought maybe something flatscreen tv size would work, but she pointed out its not quite big enough. Domo added an idea that would be good too, the other side of the wall could be that red carpeted stuff they always put on the walls
  13. I would absolutely love that, it would be super epic! A vintage popcorn machine for cinematic snacking needs would be a must.
  14. I agree with this idea, especially because I keep getting told to watch how fast I send the t!ft send command ?
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