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I am genuinely happy positive person and my glass is always overflowing. Very chatty, bouncy and active - in rl - online it is a bit harder. I love ppl and hugging and can thru all emotions in a minute or less. Very supportive and loyal, injustice or bullying drives me crazy and I will always stand up for others. Always. No matter the cost to me. Attack me - fine - attack or hurt others I will explode. Silence kills me. I love the many ways Tatsu brings people together and the many things I can use to draw even shy pp out of their lurking and get them to interact a bit. My day is perfect when others are smiling. Life is tough sometimes, it's up to us to make it better - and it is my goal to make the world a bit happier, even if others think it's foolish.
Focusing on negative or positive attitude takes same amount of energy - both spread, but only one makes life a touch better,

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