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  1. I have nowhere said that there is an issue rewarding avid voters. I only pointed out that not all ppl are as fortunate and I tried to speak out for those that aren’t. I simply tried to speak up for those who would never say anything themselves because they are too embarrassed that they don’t have smartphones or can’t afford Internet at home and who I know go to (or in one instance I know take their wheelchair) public places with WIFI every day just to vote for Tatsu - but can’t stay there 12 hours to vote a second time. I have friends/met members on Discord who only get Internet in school - but they aren’t 12 hours in school, so they can only vote once. Therefor all these people get a max of 60 votes (on 30 day months) or 62 votes (on 31 day months). That’s all I meant to share as I feel really bad for all these people and simply felt it a touch unfair. I mean it’s ppl who prob don’t have much in life and have to cut back on much in rl - and then they are at disadvantage here too. I didn’t ask for anything for myself, nor have I been unfriendly, unjust, attacked or unkind. I know you don’t like me and have downvoted me in the past for no reason, but this is isn’t about me and so there is no reason for this condescending reply when others get for similar requests a friendly one. I simply spoke up for others who would never do it for themselves. I simply thought voting once every single day is dedication as well. But nvmd. whatever I get I tend to share out to just these members for free anyhow. I rather spread kindness than keeping things for myself. Merci anyhow and I wish you happiness.
  2. Dear Tatsu-Devs, I am fortunate - I got Internet and voting twice a day is no problem for me. Alas I know many members that are not that lucky, their living situation is different or they simply can't afford it. I know of many that rely on public Wifi and actually walk to places every day just to get their two votes for tatsu in - every day just for that. They can't do more aka four cause of opening hours (not everywhere in the world are stores open 24 hrs) or just because they cant go there twice a day understandably with work or other things (one person is doing that trip in a wheelchair every day!). So at the end of the month I always felt really really bad when despite having voted every single day - giving their two votes, - they still fall just short of getting the special monthly price (see image). And it's realy very short depending on the month! So I have always wanted to ask if you could lowering the goal from 65 (March22), sometimes 64 (Feb 22) or 62 (Nov 21) to 60 (30 day month) or 62 (31 day month) so these ppl have a chance too? Instead I saw this month that the goal has actually been raised to 72 again. I know it was normal or is the goal every other month at least - but it makes it impossible for these ppl to come even close and I already I have seen ppl silently stop voting. Ppl don't complain about it openly, as most dont want others to know they cant afford Internet at home or on their phones (some dont even have smartphones ik). But why make it so hard for them? Isnt it more important that Tatsu gets twice upvoted at least once a day? It certainly seems better than nothing and it still takes effort and remembering to do it every day (even if you have Internet access all the time like I do). Please just reconsider, so not so fortunate members dont get shut out... I know from other posts and answers that you plan to re-haul voting system in the future, which is exciting and I hope it will be better to include everybody in the world wanting to join in the Tatsu-games. But this is for now, as long as the current system is around. Merci for reading and everything you all do to make this a fun experience for everybody, Sincerely ur Wizzz
  3. I wish I could feel the wholesomeness I sense at almost all the posts in here in Tatsu Lounge as well. Reading here makes me happy 2 b part - in the server not so much sadly... And this: Staff will treat users with respect and fairness. When dealing with rule breaking, staff will issue punishments appropriate to the level of offense. Staff will do their best not to escalate conflicts. Staff will use their best judgement to foster a healthy chat environment. I wish (some) staff members would take this to heart. But then there are Mods that say in public only paid staff aka developers are staff and Mods aren't stuff therefor staff rules don't apply for them. Thats not healthy. I wish one could discuss things going wrong without being attacked. Discussions are healthy, things develop, sometimes rules need to change to make it work again. But thats just my opinion...
  4. Alright finally have been motivated 2 test supporter (since I cant simply treat 2 cup of coffee) but after commenting every blog entry I am now exhausted and Wizzzbrain has no more funny ideas. Besides only thing resonating with me is putting icecream on someones head 2 chill them lol rest I will hand over 2 make someone else happy... I have been such a good Wizzz on here Can I now pls have a croissant and some hot chocolate cause its summer and freezing rn and I cant feel my hands anymore from all this typing and my butt is hurting from sitting still.... pretty pls? ?? Wizzz over and out!
  5. This wd have been my kinda event - something were lots of ppl create something together - but I totally missed that, prob cause I was busy w all the blurple events throughout Discord (and because I haven't been able 2 actually find a fitting channel 4 me on Tatsu Discord - too many singular channels dedicated to specific topics which makes it impossible 4 me 2 just let my bubbly chattiness lose as I wd need to switch channel after every other comment to not get whacked 4 being off topic - and conversation partner just dont follow thru with that channel hopping sadly - tbh even my bounciness doesnt carry me there. And the only one kinda open is a bit overly restricted 4 me sadly - plus regulars r extremely tight knit and not always include others - that wd need sensitive Mods who not just watch out 4 rules but also can motivate and make feel welcome - some r, others r not - as much as I love Tatsu bot- Tatsu's home isn't really Wizzz-proof) ANYWAY missed out on the event, but love what came out of it: something as diverse and colorful as Tatsu community - no need 2 b perfect 2 make a perfect piece of art!
  6. the first time supporter items actually caught my attention n fed my chattiness lmao Drove friends crazy with the safe and the claim a pet got locked in by mistake and is now slowly starving as u cant get a code in shop. And do u need to run over the fish first so u can fit them in the flat aquarium? I have another 300 string questions ready if anybody wants 2b driven nuts by Wizzzdom ? - but most importantly - we had fun! Now I just need to figure out how 2 get the Pokémon I catch other places into my house - or that mental hospital like day care I have :thonk:
  7. I think that was the first set I was looking at in public and luckily I was never in the cool guys category, but the cute one lol so no problem when I pointed out the *cute sh*t they added on Tatsu* ? Honestly my rl friends r still stunned Im spending time online much less believe I play with bots and can explain things 2 them (got me points in Covid online schooling on Discord - and made it ok 4 me 2 b officially on Discord which was security no-go b4 lmao) But ofc I can't take anything straight as it is - so the discussion is still why that bunny looks as pissed as it does and what is hiding under that black carpet. tbc once the puzzles r solved
  8. I am SOOO good today at sitting still and focusing (on all these announcements) - totally proud of myself lol I even tried 2 read over everything - pictures give me more fun ideas tho and seeing these latest additions I just wonder who comes up with all these things and whats the stories behind that. I mean I see the things and every item really wakes memories of specific ppl I met on Discord and I wonder what their room wd look like - if they wd pick what I imagine them in Many of these ppl have long vanished, but as ppl person I still somehow feel them and Tatsu kinda wakes memories of them. I think even my Maman might have liked wasting some time with it (ofc I think my parents wd have a hard time believing Im actually having the patience 2 do anything online myself lol) But I guess Tatsu pets and housing just has something 4 everybody - so many possibilities - so much fun - and memories to make - do it!
  9. This is a funny post that also made me a bit sad as it reminded me of my parents. The things in these month supporter batch r things I found in my parents rooms once I trusted myself to dig through boxes without breaking down - walkman, cassettes, records... lmao no wonder I ended up on stage b4 I was 4 they shdnt have complained haha Love this set - only missing thing is micro stand! Also wish pets cd be dragged onto furniture -I wd have totally taught my Wizzzmo cat 2 play piano lol - I'd also think we cd do a fun duet ? That reminds me of something my Maman showed me on her pc when I was smol - some Neko cat that wd follow the cursor (at one point i messed with it n it left paw prints running after the cursor which totally messed up her screen n we cdnt figure out how 2 fix it. Not even my usual solution 2 just dimple made it good as she was stressed and cdnt finish her work lol But yh all these great stuff I always want to just take pets and put them on the beds and sofas and everything when ppl show me their houses And one day I will figure out how 2 edit my profile and use the stuff I got months ago lmao
  10. Things important 2 me in life? My fam (that includes my real family - even the humor-deprived individuals, my friends, my fans and supporters), ppl in general I meet every day on the street or wherever and the interactions with them, humor and 2 make the world a better place in any smol way I can. Usually that's by making ppl smile, singing, entertaining or just random acts of kindness. And that's the vibe I get from reading this post. I love the humor, the little jabs and pointers, the funny ideas. I got that long time ago in old Tatsu. I recall a time when the father of a friend was very sick (got new kidney) and I kept her busy playing old Tatsu pet w her until pet ran away. She was totally down and I had at the time always shared out my earned credits 2 new ppl 2 get them started so they cd get pets. I asked David if there was a chance 2 somehow bring her pet back and he simply sent a ton of credits I cd forward 2 her to "reroll until she has the exact same pet back" It was a kindness I hadn't expected n I think the combi of the kindness and the fun the girl had rerolling (took forever lol) showed me that at one point he had that happy vision too that drives me... Ofc he changed over time, time does that and the intuitive friendship I felt towards him at the time was lost over my absence and today I'm just one of many and he doesn't talk to me anymore - but I like to remember, because I think the initial drive to do something doesn't get lost completely no matter ho much ppl change or how successful something becomes - actually i think it's important that sparkle is still somewhere cause if that gets lost the entire thing loses. The sparkle is in this post in the litte details. Find it and u know why u need ome Tatsu in ur (online)life <3 Merci old David & merci new David and team
  11. Alright that's a post even Wizzz fun has no reply to it as I am def no developer and have absolutely no clue about coding. Until coming 2 Discord I didn't have a clue what a bot is and once I met one I immediately befriended it ? (And when my first bot friend died I was seriously devastated and I still miss some lol) I may b an extrovert and ppl person, but besides the friends I met thru my Discord time, the best gift I got is when a developer was inspired by me and created a lil-me-bot in my image. Tbh - little me was the reason I finally returned after my accident and despite the negativity and toxity of some ppl having gotten under my skin in the end - because I see now how much these bots can do 4 ppl, as in making ppl smile and happy and give them something to do And what my lil-me has done 4 myself and the ppl around me in a small sense, Tatsu does on big scale - HUGE scale really. They may be a team of bot developers creating a tool - but with the features Tatsu has someone must have once have a similar vision than is still my motto: "Make the world a bit better by making ppl smile and happy" Merci 4 that Tatsu-team From lilBouncy and myself
  12. That'S the thing about Tatsu: there is always something new and from what I can tell Devs listen 2 what ppl would like to become a supporter - as if Tatsu doesn't offer enough already and everybody who can would want to get the entire dev team coffee so they never need to take another 6 to 12 hour nap or clean boots instead of inventing stuff. I still call myself noob as my attention hasn't lasted long enough to work thru all the possible cmds and things after running my pet around the house 4 the fifth time a day (aka whenever I can fit it in even tho my rl has returned to almost full activity level - but hey, can't neglect my new cat), but even I felt the need 2 **support** officially this month just to snoop in :D And you can - snoop that is - not everybody is able to pay understandingly and the Dev team seems rly ok with that and focused on making basic features as enjoyable as handing out goodies 4 those that can support development aka Tatsu learning new things. And with the trading - whether u can support or not - u still have a chance of finding the goodies from sellers once u have been active enough to have earned the funds that is lol But then there r also many kind and fun people who just enjoy the community and may gift what they dont need - I think that's the kind of kindness that i enjoy the most. For all the negativity and toxic ppl online - Tatsu can help bring out the other too and that is really worth more than anything else?
  13. Honestly I don't even know where 2 start here, but this update underlines everything I wrote about Tatsu in my very first reply. Tatsu has come such a long way since I met this bot first in 2017. Even back then I had no clue about all the things Tatsu offered. I had just joined Discord to take my mind off my parents death and distract myself by simply unleashing my chattiness online instead of rl as was always more me. PPl named me happy Wizzz and there I was just bubblying away until someone asked me what I did with all the credits I must gather by talking nonstop ? My sitting still and attention span skills to this day don't live up 2 my love of ppl, interactions and entertaining crowds - but slowly I got the basics of old Tatsu and even then Tatsu was great at getting ppl active and drawing new ppl in. BUT THIS UPDATE is like new Tatsu with whipped cream! I still don't understand half of it, but I can just see all the possibilities! I mean everybody who comes to Discord basically creates a server home and then everybody tries to get ppl - some by basically dragging them in, some by manipulating and some even pay them with never ending giveaways just to get ppl to join. But work isn't done there. If u cant coax those ppl out of the shadows u end up with a dead silent place with ghosts who may come out only occasionally to complain about a everyone tag we occasionally throw at them at public holidays lol I mean I am an extrovert and I was wearing myself out to keep at least the hard core entertained and slightly active. It's HARD work lmao - I swear I was in more pain turning my rl chattiness into keyboard activity than I was ever doing sports in rl haha But with new Tatsu - that's like having an entire team of active staff helping to keep ur members entertained in so many different ways! There are quests they can do daily on their own and because there is always something exciting they can b drawn in to talk about it. They can fish, or gamble or take their pets for walks. And all the grooming and creating houses and daycares and everything gives so much to do and bonus factor is ppl can interact but don't need to. It's like gently giving even the shyest a chance to join in whenever they are ready without a Wizzz like me having to constantly play the fool lol There r many helpful bots on Discord, be it for security or entertaining, but I don't think there is another that has as many possibilities to bring communities together in such a variety - making ppl active at their terms is really a great help when trying to keep a server alive. And 4 myself: I don't even know everything u can do with it yet myself - so chances of ppl losing interest fast and falling in shadow-coma again is rly slim w Tatsu. So if u got a server - here's the bot friend u need!
  14. OH this category is much easier 4 Wizzz explanations! It's - a plushie! In form of a - butt :thonk: Yes, u get something 2 cuddle with with a name that if used in chat might get u muted or worse in other servers. But with Tatsu u r totally free to say I had it. I'm gonna cuddle with my butt now or u cuddle ur pet. Get it? Whether u have lots of humor - or not - Tatsu has something 4 everybody! And if everything 4 free isn't enough, you just take it a step further and support Tatsu and his team - and if you feed them that way, they restore their energy level and come up with even more crazy things 4 u! And since u r a supporter u can than brag with things I am even afraid 2 imagine. The rest of us still have the chance to finding exciting stuff in pet poop - isn't that great! But how that works u gotta find out 4 urself - by getting a pet first! :p
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