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  1. I'm not sure about making field trips a daily quest since it takes 20 hours so you will need to do it everyday. I do think that daily quests need an (another) overhaul :) waiting for the big Fishy update
  2. When furnishing a daycare, adding flooding and wallpaper, I have to go through the menu again. Here I placed a flooring: Do I need to go through the menu again? T!dc edit 1 customize 1 customize room 2 Wallpaper 1 Replace wallpaper (even there's no WP now) 5 (chosen wallpaper) 3 finalize ----- On the last menu, there should be an option to continue customizing the house.
  3. very interesting, I support the idea.
  4. add [disable chat bubble ] to the [t!tg edit] command. similar to the [disable nametag] for better, more realistic screenshots/gifs Example:
  5. send your pets to work and make ? for you, instead of chilling in nursery all day ?
  6. ask one of your friends to invite you or try this: https://discord.com/invite/tatsu
  7. since all voting confirmation is sent to t!mail, the rewards activity inbox list gets very long. the list is sorted from old->new, so ? messages are relegated to the 2nd page. so after each voting we have to move to the 2nd, 3rd... page while the inbox gets full. deleting mail takes too much time. the inbox should be sorted by new mail first, just like regular email. or make it possible to delete red messages quickly. or delete all red messages at once.
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