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Quest Expansion


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It’s hard to say whether this should be under “Economy” or “Games” because this suggestion actually utilizes both mechanics.

In this suggestion, I present to you an adventure system- the ability to take your Tatsugotchi out with you on adventures- level it up and complete a story, aka “Quests”. These Quests can be submitted by people within the community and developed by the dev team as well. It would be a fantastic idea to allow for some sort of party system- allowing for adventuring with your friends. Like t!party invite @user and then you can go do Quests together and reap the benefits together. this can be an excellent way to earn credits and items and xp, especially EXCLUSIVE items that you cannot purchase and are event specific.

Now for the adventure system, you can keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be a super in depth thing right now, it’s just an expansion on quests.

for example:

”Save the village from the bandit attack” type of thing. and it could be a percentage chance of success based on what gear you have and what level you are and what your TG’s stats are.

Reason: This would be a super cool way to expand interaction with server members, and bring more fun interaction in. They would be able to adventure together and complete missions together. plus since we have a trading system in place, they can trade better pets for better stats and increase each other’s success in their adventures together and also trade gear as well. it would bring an expansion to quests outside of just “Daily” Quests, where players can now check the quest menu to see active quests as well. it would bring a whole new layer to Tatsu for players to explore

Commands: t!quests, t!quests active, t!adventure, t!party, t!party invite @user, t!party leave, t@party kick @user



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