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Suggestion for January Item Theme: Fitness


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Tradition seems to dictate that people make New Year Resolutions to become fit. Many join gyms/health clubs. Do our TG want to stay inside sometimes & still be fit?

Accessory ideas:
Head- headband (multiple colors, maybe even stripes are possible)
Neck- headphones, yes this should theoretically be head, but I imagine placing them around the neck would work much better, especially given that TG ears aren't really compatible with headphones. (& maybe some of those musician TGs would like them too!)
Ears- (I forget that is a slot) earbuds (not sure how they would look, haven't played with earrings much to see)

Furniture ideas:
2 slot- stationary bike, treadmill, maybe weight bench? or weight set, yoga mat
1 slot- big fitness ball (solid color opposed to multicolor beach balls), dumbbell, water-coolor, towel rack, scale
wall- towel shelf (double use- bathroom setup), motivational poster (black frame, white "words" at bottom)

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