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Vote reward: please give more AC for our votes

Gabe || Игорь#6666

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...because the current one is kinda very little.

Considering we can't sell exp items so it won't lead us to any financial profit.

50 coins for almost a month of constant voting means it takes us many month of blind grinding till we can buy one piece from the shop.

[For example, Not to trying to play the cry kid but I always wanted to buy a tag because yk, it looks cool and why not, because we can't trade it, it's our own only, but it costs 900 ac?? That means 17-18 month of grinding for only one item. And it's not even the most expensive thing? Not getting anything else at all while saving up for one piece. One and half year. And I know we sometimes gets generous ac gifts in the mail if something broke off for a longer period of time, but that's not a guaranteed to happen.]

We were already ripped off by scrapping our vote rewards xp bottles to half and not being able to trade them, it'd be good if something would get better instead of going steps back Please

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