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is the server i bought a subscription for still getting the perks?



Ok, i have been struggling to find someone or someplace to ask this, so hear me out.

I have a personal and server support subscription i bought a couple of weeks ago.

The thing is then about a week after that a phishing hacker got past my 2FA while i was asleep and started spamming people with nitro scams.

The direct result of this was not only was i banned from Tatsu lounge (i dont blame you) but i was also banned temporarily from the server i bought the subscription for.

I am back in all my previous servers (except Tatsu lounge) now that i took 2-3 days to ensure my computer was clean and my account was back under my control.

However even if i am never allowed back into the Tatsu discord (though i would really love to be allowed back in if thats possible?)

My question is... having been banned for a couple days... how does this effect, if at all, the subscription status of the server i bought it for?

will i still be getting billed again for it? Do i need to set it up again?

I am sorry, i have no idea who to ask or how on this one as the first place i would go with this question is the discord where i am banned :/

My discord is becca#7498 if anyone can help please let me know.

thank you


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