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Cannot claim rewards from Upvotes from mailbox


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TOPIC TITLE: [Bot/Dashboard/Forum]: [Key terms relating to your bug]

Bug Description: I seem to be unable to claim my rewards in my mailbox from my upvotes, it had also happened earlier but I thought nothing of it. I may not have been able
to collect any other them now that I think of it, especially since it is time sensitive. I am new to discord bots.

*Expected Behaviour: I had expected the claim all button in the mailbox to claim my prizes from my upvotes

*Steps to reproduce: I had simply ran the t!vote command and upvoted on each, returned for my time sensitive prize to find I couldn't redeem it

Troubleshooting: I tried to run the t!mail claim all command as a workaround but I had no luck with that as well. That is what I was prompted to d by each individual
mail for the prizes

*Supporting images: 

*Username: Opostronaut #3676


I will continue too upvote tatsu regardless to support you but I'd like  to be able to receive the rewards if at all possible, thank you in advance for your time and have a great day!!

notthing to claim.png

nothing 3.0.png

nothing 2.0.png

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