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New Benefit to Prestige- Shorter Field Trip Time


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FT takes 20 hours, but what if a prestige 1 TG took 19 hours? prestige 5 took 15 hours? If each prestige level lessened a FT by 1 hour, it would be a simple benefit that would max out with p9 getting to go on FT for 11 hours.

It could be a small acknowledgement to those who bother to prestige, especially to the higher levels.

It would also create a bit of strategy in order of prestige; do I focus on getting 1 to have the shortest FT possible or do I keep a group of them around the same FT time? (I'll admit sending different prestiged TG on a FT together will drive me crazy, but I still think it is worth it or I wouldn't make the suggestion.)

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