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[t!tg walk/feed/train] : Add "walk/train again" and "feed" buttons after doing walk/feed/train commands


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Suggestion: Add interactable buttons for the commands /pet interact feed/walk/train to Tatsumaki's response after doing a walk, feed or train.

Reason: This will be a big quality of life addition, making it easier to interact with your pet and massively reducing the amount of typing needed as you can now do the same as before in just one single button press. The cooldown will still be there of course, but it is now easier to use tatsumaki and this blends well with the newly added button interface for mail and shop. I have also heard that /-commands are less resource-intensive for the bot and this will increase the amount of users that use them instead of the "old" text-commands. 

Images: I have attached a picture of a simple mockup of what this addition could look like on mobile. Please excuse my image editing skills. 

Username: Nautulus#0194

mockup-walk buttons.jpg

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On 3/3/2022 at 4:10 AM, Kiwi#3247 said:

Great idea but i think its going to a bit tricky to implement button with cooldown in it. 

Why do you think that? The command already has a cooldown and pressing the button would just be the same as running the command.

Maybe you are thinking that the button should show if the command is on cooldown or not? I do not think that this is a necessary feature as keeping time yourself can be quite easily done. 

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There should not be a button shown if the action is not available yet due to cd and to have Tatsu 'stuck' on that command while waiting for the cd to expire would prevent other commands from being used. I can typically type fast than the cd, so I can't imagine how frustrated I would be if there was a useless button getting me yelled at or no button locking me into this option that I may not even want just then. Or if I could use the commands needing to scroll back up to find the button

I also doubt they would implement it due to the increase ease for botters then.

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