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    30+ New Furniture Items, 15 New Pet Cosmetics, Pet Utility Items & Walks Rebalance!


    New Pets, Voting Rewards and More!

    Hi everyone! We're adding new cosmetics, furniture and a couple of Tatsugotchi changes in this update. Walks have been rebalanced and should result in positive credit gain when walking your pet. You can also find an additional 10 new pieces of walk-only furniture. 20+ new furniture pieces have been added added to our store which, by the way, sports an updated and cleaner design. Other changes in this update include reduced trade restrictions, 15 new pet cosmetics and a new helpdesk.

    Table of Contents

    1.0 New Pet Cosmetics
    2.0 Special Pet Items
    3.0 Trade Changes
    4.0 Walk Changes
    5.0 New Furniture
    6.0 New Store Page
    7.0 New Helpdesk
    8.0 Mail and Notification Changes
    9.0 What's Next?

    1.0 New Pet Cosmetics

    15 new pet cosmetics have been added! The cosmetics can be purchased from the store for tokens.




    All older cosmetics have been removed from the store and are now walk only.


    2.0 Special Pet Items

    This month, some new pet utility items are making their way into the Tatsugotchi store.

    2.1 Pet Level Transfer

    This item allows you to transfer levels from your active pet to a different pet .


    The pet level transfer is now on sale in the Tatsugotchi store for 3500 tokens.

    Note: The pet you're transferring levels to will have its levels overwritten with your active pet's levels, so please be sure you want to transfer before confirming.


    2.2 Pet Attitude Selector

    A much requested item, if you've been wanting to change your pet's attitude, this item will let you brainwash your pet.


    The pet attitude selector is now on sale in the Tatsugotchi store for 3000 tokens.


    2.3 Pet Stats Resetter

    The pet statistics resetter resets the fatigue, hunger, affection and cleanliness maximum or minimum stat points to a random amount.


    The pet stats resetter is now on sale in the Tatsugotchi store for 750 tokens.

    2.4 Cosmetic Trade-ups

    You can now trade-up your unwanted cosmetics for a chance at getting higher rarity cosmetics using t!tg tradeup.

    Currently the maximum rarity for cosmetics is "Rare"

    3.0 Trading Changes

    3.1 Trading Restrictions

     - Maximum daily trades have been raised to 16.

     - Maximum active trades have been raised to 8.


    3.2 Conversion Tax

     - Currency exchange tax has been reduced from 20% to 10%.


    4.0 Pet Walking Changes

    Pet walks have been rebalanced and will now be a credit positive activity regardless of whether you get item drops or not.


    5.0 New Furniture

    With this patch we've also added 30+ new furniture pieces!

    5.1 Token Furniture


    5.2 Credit Furniture



    5.3 Walk Furniture



    6.0 New Store Pages

    The store has had it's design slightly cleaned up to provide a better experience. Its still a work in progress, and we'll add proper categories for cosmetics and event items soon. The store may be slightly buggy so please bear with us while we fix any issues you may find over the next few days.



    7.0 New Helpdesk

    We have a new helpdesk to support new users. You can access the available guides on the helpdesk here:


    8.0 Mail & Vote Notification Changes

    Notification activity reward mails without items will automatically expire after 30 minutes now. (We're considering removing this entirely)


    9.0 What's Next?

    The team will be shifting focus to fully developing the next major version of Tatsu. Feature additions are expected to slow during this period while we focus on laying the groundwork for the next big thing. We will continue updating Tatsugotchi with pets, cosmetics, items and QoL changes in the meantime.

    Thank you to everyone, especially our supporters for being with us on this journey. We hope to bring you more quality content in the next major patch.

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    Thank you, David, and thanks to the whole dev team for all your hard work and patience. This is yet another great update and I'm excited. ?

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    Very happy with the new update! Hope people are able to make use of the help desk and find solutions to their problems more easily.

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    this item will let you brainwash your pet.

    Ah so that's why my pets would never be fully clean, I wasn't yet able to brainwash them!

    • t! 2

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    Thank you for the QOL updates! Doing the dailies used to be a pain but now they're very reasonable to complete. ?

    • Fishy v9001 1

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    Best update ever?


    Is more nice to play now!


    Edited by Anii#1129
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    Things important 2 me in life? My fam (that includes my real family - even the humor-deprived individuals, my friends, my fans and supporters), ppl in general I meet every day on the street or wherever and the interactions with them, humor and 2 make the world a better place in any smol way I can. Usually that's by making ppl smile, singing, entertaining or just random acts of kindness.
    And that's the vibe I get from reading this post. I love the humor, the little jabs and pointers, the funny ideas. I got that long time ago in old Tatsu. I recall a time when the father of a friend was very sick (got new kidney) and I kept her busy playing old Tatsu pet w her until pet ran away. She was totally down and I had at the time always shared out my earned credits 2 new ppl 2 get them started so they cd get pets. I asked David if there was a chance 2 somehow bring her pet back and he simply sent a ton of credits I cd forward 2 her to "reroll until she has the exact same pet back" It was a kindness I hadn't expected n I think the combi of the kindness and the fun the girl had rerolling (took forever lol) showed me that at one point he had that happy vision too that drives me...
    Ofc he changed over time, time does that and the intuitive friendship I felt towards him at the time was lost over my absence and today I'm just one of many and he doesn't talk to me anymore - but I like to remember, because I think the initial drive to do something doesn't get lost completely no matter ho much ppl change or how successful something becomes - actually i think it's important that sparkle is still somewhere cause if that gets lost the entire thing loses. The sparkle is in this post in the litte details. Find it and u know why u need ome Tatsu in ur (online)life <3
    Merci old David & merci new David and team


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