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  1. We're thinking of making the command disable / enable process a bit more transparent so you won't have to configure that many things in the future.
  2. We're still working on research and designs for a site design overhaul - but I will start posting about new items whenever we add them.
  3. Hi all, please read this topic before creating your own! In order to help ensure an orderly & neat environment for selling items please adhere to the standards listed in this post. About: This category provides a place for you to create your own shop topic. Rules: Only 1 shop topic per person - Place everything you're selling in 1 thread Only bump your topic once every six hours Please stay on topic - No discussion of anything other than the items you are selling Don't use threads to negotiate - Do it in direct messages Server / group advertisements are not allowed If you don't have a common Discord server, join the Tatsu community to carry out your trades: https://discord.gg/tatsu Looking to purchase an item instead? Use the Buying Ads section: https://community.tatsu.gg/forum/25-buying-ads/
  4. Hi all, please read this topic before creating your own! In order to help ensure an orderly & neat environment for buying items please adhere to the standards listed in this post. About: This category provides a place for you to post ads for an item that you want. Rules: Only 1 topic per person - Place all your buying ads there Only bump your topic once every six hours Please stay on topic - No discussion of anything other than the items you are buying Don't use threads to negotiate - Do it in direct messages Server / group advertisements are not allowed If you don't have a common Discord server, join the Tatsu community to carry out your trades: https://discord.gg/tatsu Looking to sell an item instead? Use the Selling Ads section: https://community.tatsu.gg/forum/26-selling-ads/
  5. Everyone’s favorite month of the year has come again! With December comes the Starlight Festival, where presents, laughter, and copious amounts of food are par for the course! In our first ever celebration of the season, we’ve arranged for a slew of exciting limited-time activities, mini-games, and rewards to keep you entertained. From throwing snowballs at foes and friends alike to decorating the Great Tree, we have a little of everything at the Starlight Festival extravaganza! In addition to the event we’re also adding a brand new fun command, a new way for us to update you on what we’re up to, and basic auto-moderation features. This event begins on the 4th of December 14:00 UTC and ends on the 25th of December 14:00 UTC Sparkly Starlight Presents Earning Sparkly Starlight Presents You can earn these sparkly presents by participating in the festival’s games, voting with t!vote or claiming your dailies using t!daily! Rewards: Each Sparkly Starlight Present has a chance to drop a randomized set of items: 1 random tree ornament for Server Starlight Tree (Guaranteed) Candy Cane event currency to spend on limited-time items in the Festival Store Snowballs to throw at your friends Open a crate or bag with: t!open Directly open a present with: t!open present Festival Store Get your limited-time Starlight-themed products now! After all, the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a little capitalism! Luckily, you won’t need to part with your hard-earned credits. Instead, you’ll spend Candy Canes to purchase the wide variety of starlight-themed rewards. Cosy Winter Furniture Bring the festive spirit into your house with uniquely decorated furniture from the Starlight Festival catalog! From a bag of coal to gingerbread appliances to Santa’s sleigh turned bed; we’ve got it all! Super Festive Pet Cosmetics Don’t leave your pets hanging this holiday season; share the Starlight joy with them through some of the cutest pet items ever conceived by man or elf! Goggles, hats, scarves and more, all guaranteed to make your pet feel special. 16 new Starlight Festival cosmetics will be available for purchase in the festival store. Buy the cosmetics you want directly from the store or try your luck with the cheaper cosmetic bag. In addition to the Festival sets, 6 special Uniklo-branded pet scarves will also be available exclusively from the pet cosmetic bag! Positively Jingly Badges Customize your profile with 30 new Starlight Festival-themed badges! Each badge will be available for purchase with candy canes. A Starlit Tale A mysterious letter addressed to you details a plot by a cunning culprit to ruin the Starlight Festival. Craft a tale through the decisions you make, and experience a unique story with rewards along the way! In cinemas 2020 New Chapters A new chapter will be available once every few days! Complete each chapter to receive some rewards. Your choices WILL matter so choose carefully! Start the Story t!storytime There will be a total of 6 chapters and upon reaching the end, you will receive a reward depending on your choices. New chapters will be available on these dates: Dec 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 18th & 21st. Story Rewards End of Chapter 6: Option 1: ??? Option 2: ??? Note: There are no “better” rewards Advent Calendar On each new day of the Starlight Festival, claim a reward from the advent calendar! As is tradition, each reward is kept secret until the day itself! Check the advent calendar with: t!advent Note: You won’t be able to claim any missed rewards (unless you’re a supporter) so check back in every day! The Greench Green and mean, naughty not nice. Protect your presents ’cause it’s here to heist; It’s the Greench! It’s nothing if not persistent, so stay on your toes. Protect your Presents! Defend your server’s presents from the sneaky, thieving Greench! With each Greench appearance, you have the option of choosing between three reactions. React with the correct emoji and you will receive bonus rewards when the Greench is defeated! Take note of what the Greench is saying! Each sentence contains clues to the correct reaction. The first few players who react will also receive bonus rewards! Server Administrators: Greench Configuration We’ve added a command for you to control where the Greench can appear. By default, if the spawn channel is not set, the Greench will appear in channels where normal Tatsu commands are being used. [email protected] channel You can also choose to have Tatsu ping a specific role when the Greench spawns: [email protected] role Supporter Festival Perks Thank you to all our supporters for your giving spirit! We’ve added a few convenience options and some rewards as our way of saying thanks! Supporters will be able to claim all missed rewards from the Advent Calendar Supporters get 50% more candy canes from Sparkly Starlight Boxes They’ll also receive this cute festival bear armchair Item rewards for supporters will be sent through the new mail system! Server Starlight Tree Try to decorate the Grand Starlight Tree yourself, and you might make it in time for next year’s Starlight. Remember: teamwork makes the dream work! For this year’s Starlight Festival event, decorate some basic fir trees together with your server community. There are 5 decoration tiers, each affected by how many ornaments have been donated and how many people have been chatting in the server. Contributing to the Starlight Tree There are two ways to level up your server’s Starlight Tree: Donate Ornaments that you receive from Sparkly Starlight Presents Chat on your server Ornament Points Donate ornaments to your server with the donate command: t!tree donate Light Points Earn light points for your server Starlight Tree by chatting in your server! Present Tier The present tier is an average of a server’s ornament points & light points. Viewing your server’s Starlight Tree t!tree Starlight Tree Rewards Embellish your tree with ornaments and lights to get more presents! Upon reaching higher Present Tiers, rewards can be claimed: Tier 1: 100x Candy Canes Tier 2: 200x Candy Canes Tier 3: 1x Holiday Furniture Crate Tier 4: 1x Starlight Pet Cosmetic Bag Tier 5: 1x Fancy Starlight Tree 1x1 Furniture Claim your rewards with: t!tree claim You can also view the top contributors on each server with: t!tree top Starlight Raffle It has been said that the northern winds bring about good tidings. You know what else draws the winds of fortune? Collecting more raffle tickets than your friends! Use Candy Canes to purchase raffle tickets from the event store! Rules The more tickets you enter with, the higher your chances of winning a prize Every individual user may only win 1 prize from the list of prizes Prizes will be sent out within a week after the draw via the new t!mail system (unless you won supporter or nitro, we will DM you through Tatsu) Raffle Prizes 20x 100000 Credits 10x 2000 Tokens 10x 1 Epic Pet Capsule 5x 1 Penthouse 10x 1 month Tatsu Supporter 3x 1 month Discord Nitro Join the Starlight Raffle using this command: t!raffle Snowballs It’s open season! Open fire on your friends and enemies with a barrage of fun spirited but slightly de-stressing fun. And don’t forget; it’s a free-for-all. A New Action Command We are introducing a new permanent t!throw command with the Starlight Festival. This command will allow you to throw certain items which have a new throwable property. The first of the throwable toys included in this update will be the Snowball. Get snowballs by opening Sparkly Starlight Presents or purchasing them from the festival store! We intend to add more throwable items, actions, & fun toys in future updates & events. How to pelt someone with a snowball: t!throw snowball @somebody Note: You need snowballs in your inventory before you can throw any Player Mail We’re adding a new mail system that will help keep players up-to-date with the latest events and patches! Access the mail system using this command: t!mail From there, you can read & delete messages. Rewards and goodies will also be distributed using the mail system. If you have new mail, an icon will appear in your command header beside your name whenever you use a command to let you know that new mail is available. New Moderation Features With this event we are introducing new ways for you to determine who is naughty and who is nice! A new auto-moderation feature for prohibited words, an infraction system, and accompanying settings will help you to determine who gets coal this year! Infractions Enable infraction points and set thresholds for automated kicks & bans. [email protected] Role Exceptions Add roles that are allowed to bypass prohibited words and infraction points. [email protected] Prohibited Words Use this command to add a word to the prohibited words list. Users who type prohibited words will be given infraction points (configurable with the command above) [email protected] Warnings Use this command to warn users and give them infraction points. [email protected] Summary We hope you have a jolly holiday with your family & friends and we look forward to bringing you more updates after the holiday season! Follow our Twitter or join our Discord server!
  6. Note: This article first appeared on our Medium publication (Which we no longer use) on October 29th 2020 Hi everyone! Ever since the soft launch of the beta back in August, we’ve been busy working on improving our infrastructure and implementing various bug fixes. We’re happy to say that we’ve resolved most of the stability issues that have been affecting us since launch and are now ready to go full steam ahead on new features & content! The Event & Mini-games Our very first event is upon us and with it brings a small collection of mini-games for everyone to enjoy. This series of limited-time mini-games for Tatsu will be available for play over the course of the next three weeks! In the following sections we will introduce each new mini-game and how you can participate using the game-specific commands! A brand new shop containing special rewards will also be made available at the start of the event! Players will be able to check out the mini-games and the event shop during the event period which lasts from 29th Oct UTC 14:00 to 19th Nov UTC 07:59. Community Giveaways In addition to the event mini-games & features, we will be running giveaways for members of our on Tatsu’s Lounge community server! We are giving away a whole bunch of different prizes such as Discord Nitro subscriptions, Tatsu supporter & server subscriptions, credits, tokens, player houses & even Cyberpunk 2077! More details about the giveaway will be revealed during the release of the event on our community server. Read on for more info about the event & each mini-game! Event Currency: Emeralds Emeralds are making a limited appearance as an event currency! These can only be obtained during this event so earn as many as you possibly can! Event Store & Rewards For this event we are releasing a new, temporary category in the shop menu called the Event Shop! In the new shop, you can spend your hard-earned emeralds to buy limited-time event items. The new Event Shop includes everything from wall decoration to cosmetic items for your Tatsugotchi pets. Take this opportunity to buy all the event items you want (and can afford)! Emerald Pets & Event Cosmetics The following pets & cosmetics will only be available during the event duration: Modeco Furniture Give your home a modern and sophisticated touch with this new set of modeco inspired furniture! Profile Badges Here are some of the 40+ new profile badges that will be available for emeralds: The Daily Spinner Spinning the Wheel The daily spinner can be spun once per day! (Supporters get two spins each) In order to activate the wheel, enter the command: t!spin go Each of the wheel segments represents a potential reward that you can obtain. Once the wheel stops spinning, you will get the reward displayed in the segment that the pointer lands on: The Bingo Board Our second mini-game is Tatsu’s small twist on an original: Bingo. Get rewards for completing individual tiles as well as multiple lines! Viewing your Bingo Board You can check your Bingo Board at any given time by entering the command: t!bingo Completing Bingo Tasks We wanted to re-introduce our users, old and new, to the variety of features available through Tatsu. The Tatsu Bingo Board has a total of 25 tiles, each of which gives you a completion hint! When you see a 完 symbol over the tile, that means you have successfully completed that task! For your convenience, here is the full list of the 25 tasks that are available: 1. Train your Tatsugotchi pets 2. Make item purchases on the shop 3. Catch uncommon fish 4. Redecorate your home 5. See the rainbow 6. Spruce your pets 7. Spin the daily spinner 8. Are you a lucky guy? 9. Play with your Tatsugotchi pet 10. Complete ALL your daily quests 11. Self-confidence 12. Clean your Tatsugotchi pets 13. Absolutely free! 14. Give cookies 15. Play the slots 16. Catch some fish 17. Do your dailies 18. Spend your emeralds 19. Pong! 20. The Treetsu Fruit 21. Give reputation 22. Learn about animals 23. Walk your Tatsugotchi pets 24. Catch some trash 25. 420 Viewing your Bingo Task Progress It can be hard to keep track of all the tasks so we’ve made a command for you to check your progress. In order to view your Bingo tasks, enter: t!bingo tasks [1-5] There are a total of 5 rows, so type in the number of the specific row you would like to view. For example, to view all tasks in the first row you can type: t!bingo tasks 1 Claiming Bingo Rewards When you complete a task, claim the reward by entering the command: t!bingo claim You get rewarded for every tile and line (row/column/diagonal) you complete and an additional bonus when you complete the entire board! The Treetsu Forest Help to grow the Treetsu forest! Share your Treetsu with anyone in your server or take some free saplings from users who already have a Treetsu! The goal of this mini-game is to help the forest grow as large as possible! Viewing your Treetsu Stats In order to view your individual Treetsu statistics, enter the command: t!treetsu Obtaining a Treetsu If you don’t have one yet, you can obtain a Treetsu by visiting another player who has Treetsu. You can also share your Treetsu with anyone who does not already have the Treetsu. To visit another player’s Treetsu Garden, enter the command: t!treetsu [player name] The Community Goals The final part of the event consists of goals that have to be completed as one big global community! Work together with other Tatsu users across servers to accomplish the goals together! Each community goal tier completed will unlock rewards for all Tatsu users worldwide! List of Goals There are a total of 5 community goals, all of which correspond to a Tatsu-related task. 1. Complete Bingo Lines 2. Spin Daily Wheels 3. Grow Treetsus 4. Spend Emerald Tokens 5. Complete Daily Quests Viewing Goal Progress At any given point of time during the event, you can check the progress of the Community Goals by entering the command: t!goal You will be able to view the progress and completion tier of each individual community goal. Claiming Community Goal Rewards Claim completed rewards by using this command: t!goal claim Summary We’re excited to finally be able to bring you the first piece of new content since our overhaul. We hope to be able to bring you many more events in the future!
  7. Note: This article first appeared on our Medium publication (Which we no longer use) on July 22nd 2020 Temple of Ruins: Economy Refresh Hi everyone, in the upcoming overhaul we’ll be rebalancing the credit economy! People with a small amount of credits will see a large boost, while those with huge coffers might see their fortunes shrink. Fear not though, millionaires! Part of your credits will have gone towards an archaeological expedition to the Temple of Ruins and we’ve uncovered an old currency called Ancient Coins! This rare currency will be divvied up among all those impacted negatively by the credit redistribution, and we’ve got a special, blinged up shop for those looking to spend these ancient treasures! For those who didn’t fund this endeavour, keep your eyes peeled — we’ve heard that some ancient coins went missing in the shipments, so there may soon be some opportunities to find some yourself in future events… Expedition Store Over at the ruins expedition base camp, the museum liaisons are looking to trade you some valuable items in order to build up their collection of Ancient Coins! Exchange your ancient coins to get rare & exclusive rewards that cannot otherwise be obtained with credits! Items available in the expedition store: 3x profile tags 10x pet cosmetic items equippable on any pet 5x profile badges 10x gold & art-deco themed furniture for housing Currencies Pet capsules, XP drinks, etc Profile Tags Pet Cosmetics Housing System Badges • • • Currency Changes: Credits In anticipation of these changes, credit transfers will be disabled until it is replaced by the trade system on launch Base Changes Credit base gain rate from messages increased by 84.9% Maximum persistence ticks capped at 360 per day New daily quests to replace Tatsugotchi-specific quests (150% increase in credit gain) Voting rewards will include credits Credit Rebalance Chart This chart shows you how many credits you will gain / lose depending on your credit balance, and whether you will be eligible for ancient coins when the update launches: Don’t worry if you’re not receiving any ancient coins this time around; in future events these rare coins will be available again. Item Pricing Changes Prices will increase by 30% to 100% depending on the item type. Despite the increase in item prices you will still be able to afford many more items because of the overall increase in credit gain rate, ways to earn credits and the addition of a new Token currency. Why are you rebalancing the economy? After 2 years, many players have amassed a huge amount of illicit credits, either through using selfbots or receiving credits in large amounts from bot farms. In the overhaul we are adding a large amount of player focused content and having a mountain of credits obtained through illicit has the consequence of impacting the plans we have for future content, economy & trading functionality. We have made the difficult decision to rebalance the economy to ensure a healthier and longer-lasting player-driven economy. As shown in the expedition event above, we’ve put in effort to ensure that legitimate players who have their credits removed will receive compensation in the form of rarer items that can only be obtained through the limited ancient coin currency. We ask for your patience and support in implementing these measures, thank you! There will be new systems in place to deter this kind of botting activity in the new version so this will be the first and last time we ever make any huge changes such as this to the economy.d New Currency: Tokens We are introducing a new non-tradable currency called tokens in the overhaul. This is a rarer form of currency that is given out on a less frequent basis as a reward for completing certain actions. Tokens can be used as a replacement for purchasing normal items, or to purchase rarer token-only items. How to get Tokens: As a bonus for completing the new daily quests As a bonus for completing your t!daily streak (daily 5x per week) Additional tokens for being a Tatsu supporter subscriber Voting for Tatsu on voting sites Given in Tatsu games eg. Walking pet in Tatsugotchi has a chance for your pet to find tokens As we add more content we will add more avenues of earning this new currency. Trading System In order to implement a trading system we are removing the credit transfer feature. Instead of directly transferring credits you convert your credits into tradable denominations which can then be traded with other players for their items or currency. There are a few reasons for this: Secure transfers between users Review transfers at your own leisure Ability to cancel transfers Increased barrier to entry for credit farms & bots Trading will be limited to a set number of requests a day and max number of trade requests you can have at once (both incoming and outgoing). Global Economy System Changes A couple of changes will be coming to the XP, credits & scoring system in the next update: The XP + credits system and Global Rankings will be separated Global rankings have been changed to activity ranking instead of XP rankings You still earn XP, credits and activity score the same way (Talking in text chat) Summary tl;dr: You will be able to purchase more items after the upcoming update. In the next post: How to build your own server economy and how you can customize a loyalty & activity ecosystem for your Discord server in the upcoming overhaul.
  8. Note: This article first appeared on our Medium publication (Which we no longer use) on April 20th 2020 Foreword Since we first started, Tatsu has grown from a small community project into one used by more than a million communities. We’ve enjoyed working alongside the community to implement new features, content, hold events & have fun in general. It has been a journey full of ups and downs for us thus far, and we sincerely thank all of our most ardent supporters who have supported us through the past 4 years. While we’ve had a lot of fun, it hasn’t been without downsides. Rising server bills meant a huge drain on finances, especially since we weren’t accepting any money initially. The lack of any significant updates for two years also caused some users to prefer other chat bots over Tatsu, even for features we were once known for. In light of these circumstances, we decided awhile ago that it was no longer viable for us to develop Tatsu in its previous state. • • • With that, we want to announce that the beta of Tatsu’s overhaul is launching on the 3rd of May, 2020 • • • Tatsu and The Future For the past year, we’ve been busy putting whatever available resources we have into launching an update that will lay the groundwork for our future plans. A fully fledged inventory & item system, server-based economy, image rendering tech & improved back-end technology will pave the way for faster & more consistent content updates and enable our team to react to your suggestions and needs in a more timely fashion. The results of our efforts will come in the form of consistent updates that we want the community to contribute to. We’re opening new voting & suggestions platforms and working on systems to actively include you in our development process. Don’t want to read? Skip down to the pictures below • • • In the process of rebuilding Tatsu, we’ve streamlined what we really want to focus on: engagement + reward tools, and full-fledged games, playable on chat. • • • Why did it take so long? For an entire year, Tatsu was left on the back-burner due to burnout, real-life commitments and developers leaving. After 3 years, what was left of our team decided to pick up the pieces and begin a complete overhaul of Tatsu. This meant completely scrapping our older code base, while still having to maintain feature parity. Another reason is we wanted to introduce new systems to streamline future updates. This caused us to spend more time working on our infrastructure, but with the benefit of faster & more consistent content updates in the future. After more than a year of development, we are glad to finally be able to give you a proper update on some major features you can expect from our next version. • • • Read on to find out what’s in the launch of the upcoming beta. This update is split into a few main categories: General Improvements, Server Ecosystem, and Tatsugotchi & Chat Games. • • • There are too many things to put into a single update post, so we’re showcasing only the most prominent ones General Improvements Website One thing we want to improve on is the usability of our previous dashboard. We want to create a platform where people would be able to manage all their Tatsu-related features like item inventories & server configuration with ease. As our dashboard is still considered early beta, there will be bugs, and many designs, layouts, and animations will feel very rough around the edges. Our UI / UX is still under heavy rework so please be patient with us while we build an even better dashboard! Redesigned Cards The older profile, rank, and level-up cards have been redesigned to incorporate more features, as well as display a cleaner & more inviting look. Server Ecosystem Since the early days, we’ve wanted to implement a server-based ecosystem that lets communities create a contribution-based economy, build their own points store, and generate content. In this upcoming update, we’ve added the basic functionality necessary to make that happen. Tatsu’s new server ecosystem is supported by image-generated functionality such as rank cards, a currency wallet, server economy, community-based item creator system (server badges, role items), a reward store, and an enhanced ranking system. Feature List Loyalty Points / Reward Store Item Creator Accolades (Server Badges) Enhanced Rank Cards Server Economy Server Inventory System Chat Activity Roles Integration and More Server Economy & Scoring Customization 2 years after it was added there is (finally) now a use for server points. For people unfamiliar with the system, users can earn server points by participating in chat. Users can then spend points on items available in a server’s reward store. We’ve also added a few highly requested quality of life features to our current economy system. In the upcoming version you will be able to customize the name of the score system, rename the server currency system, and block point gain by using designated roles. Reward / Server Store The reward store will let your community members purchase role items, accolades, and other custom items from the web dashboard or via commands. Users who have purchased an item or reward can use the server inventory dashboard & commands will let your members manage and use items they have purchased. Speaking of items, we’d better talk about another feature: Item Creator The first version of the item creator supports 3 item types, accolades, roles, and custom items. Accolade items can be equipped on the server rank card (aka server badges). Role items give you a role when used and custom items allow you to define any kind of embed or content message to send when used. You can create these items through the item creator on the dashboard. Server Badges As part of the update, we’re implementing server-specific badges called Accolades. Accolades are an item type that you can create within the new item creator. Users can purchase server-created accolades from their server’s reward store, or have an admin give one to them. Hybrid Inventory System To accompany the server economy and our new games, we’ve also built a way to manage both the global inventory & server inventory from the dashboard as well as commands. Users can manage items they purchase from a server’s store directly from the inventory available through Tatsu’s dashboard or by using commands. The inventory system will also be used for all of Tatsu’s games, including Tatsugotchi V2. Server Ecosystem After the initial launch release of Tatsugotchi, we’ve seen the potential in bringing interactive game experiences to chat-based communities on Discord. While Tatsugotchi V1 was well received, it was nowhere close to what we had envisioned. We realized one thing: communities love playing chat games. We’ve invested a lot of time into growing our game development capability by building different systems that will allow us to create games with proper depth & gameplay, playable directly on Discord communities. The Redesign We had to completely redesign Tatsugotchi from ground up in order to implement systems that we wanted. Everything from the pets to the housing system to the UI had to be scrapped and rebuilt. In the new Tatsugotchi update, you can customize your house with furniture, equip cosmetics on your pet and even collect multiple pets. The new version also brings with it more than 300 pieces of furniture, 6 types of different houses, 50+ pet cosmetics, and more than 90 different breeds of pets. Feature List: Housing System Pet Nursery Pet Attitudes & Behaviors 90+ New Pets Pet Cosmetics Pet Status Cards Global Inventory System Global Item System Updated Pets UI and More New Pets There are now more than 90 breeds of cats, dogs, and birds. All previous 40 pets have been totally redesigned with poses & behaviors to fit in with the new version. The pets can be obtained from the capsule system like the old TG. Pet Behaviors, Attitudes & Emotions Pets will now have emotions depending on their base attitude as well as stats. In the new version, your pets will still run away if you don’t take care of them, but you’ll be able to pay a small amount of credits to get them back. The price of retrieval will depend on the rarity of your pet. Based on a pet’s behaviors or attitude, they might be more prone to doing different things such as move around the house more or sleep more often. They might even require you to play with them more, or feed them on a more frequent basis. Pet Statistics & Cards Each pet will now have a card that displays its level, randomly generated requirements for food, entertainment, energy, and cleanliness. In future modules, generated pet statistics will have more of an impact on the gameplay. Global Item System We now have a brand new system that handles items for all our game modules. This allows us to rapidly add new items on the fly and cut down on development time as well as implement new features for existing item-based modules. Housing System In the new Tatsugotchi, we’ve implemented a basic housing system which will be used for all future game modules that we release. With housing comes basic customization of furniture & decorations. Around 300+ pieces of furniture and decorations will be available for purchase from the Tatsu store or obtainable through furniture boxes. We plan to create constant content updates for furniture based on a seasonable and monthly basis. The future of our games The Tatsugotchi overhaul is just the first step in our overall plans. We intend to build upon our new platform by introducing more game modules to Tatsu. Reintroducing pets is just the start; more mechanics & features & modules will be released as we complete them. These will be integrated into existing modules in order to realize our ambition of building a full-fledged RPG within Discord. What Next? Thanks for reading this far! After launch, we will be expanding on the creator studio & economy systems with more updates, including more item types and features to help communities create content. Games will also receive constant content & feature updates so please stay tuned. We hope you’ll continue to join us on our journey of building interactive, community-driven experiences. Our path so far has been a mixture of fun & hectic days filled with many ups and downs. This year will be important for our team as we do our best to stand out among a sea of Discord chat-bots. Together with the community, we will continue working towards realizing our goals of providing a fun and highly interactive community engagement platform. Sometime after launch, we will release our road-map for the year and we invite all of you to contribute to what’s coming next. Tatsu’s beta will be available on the 3rd of May 2020. Discuss the new update on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/tatsu
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