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  1. Suggestion: Expose the base t!tatsugochi command as a slash command. Reason: As someone who's only ever notably played with the Tatsugochi system, via slash commands, it caused me a significant bit of confusion as to how different interactions in the system actually affected my pet, and how I could view what actually affected my ability to interact with my pet, as there was no visible command to view such info. Instead, the only route to do so, is to use the base version of the system, running the t!tatsugochi command. While this no immediate issue, seeing as the majority of the rest of the Tatsugochi system is exposed via slash commands, and it plays a vital part of the Tatsugochi game as a whole, I believe it should also be exposed in some version via slash commands, as part of the list of commands in the collective system. Username: Wolveric#0897
  2. The meaning of this seriously confused me initially, but absolutely. ? I see absolutely no reason this shouldn't be a thing...
  3. Suggestion: An options for turning channels into dedicated game channels. Reason: With the rising popularity of dedicated game channels, such as One-Word-Story, Word-Chain, Counting and "Don't Break the Chain" channels, I feel these are an opportunity Tatsu could take advantage of, providing systems for communities to automatically enforcing the rules of these channels. While it should be a given, only a single game can be enabled per-channel, with a slew of variants on the rules for these channels, configurable rules should be an important feature of these systems, if they're implemented. As examples: Base Rules: Reaction Confirmation: Have Tatsu add reactions to valid messages. Confirmation Emoji: The emoji added for confirmation. Remove Invalid Messages: Should Tatsu delete messages that don't fit the specified rules? Continual Game: Keep the games going when an invalid message is sent? Reaction on Edit: How, if at all, should Tatsu respond if a user edits their message? (e.g. Warn/delete and roll back/add violation/assign lock-out role) Reaction on Delete: How, if at all, should Tatsu respond if a user deletes their message? (e.g. See above) Take Turns: Are users blocked from following themselves up? Lock Out: Select the role assigned to lock members out when taking turns. Requires Take Turns to be enabled. One-Word-Story Rules: As a classic camping/camp fire game, a general description of One-Word-Story games, is that each participant, sends messages, containing one word each, with the intent of together, possibly putting together a coherent sentence. Track Sentences: Does Tatsu try and compile each word into a sentence, to be send when a user ends it, or the 2048 character, embed description limit is reached? User Ending: Are users allowed to finish sentences? Validate Contents: Will Tatsu try validating the words in the messages? Potentially how strictly will it try and validate it? Block Repeats: Does Tatsu block the use of repeated words? Word-Chain Rules: Similar to One-Word-Story, Word-Chain is another classic camping/camp fire game, except the goal in this case, is to have each new term, start with the letter of the previous one. This usually also comes with the caveat that terms can't be repeated in the same chain. Validate Contents: Will Tatsu try validating the terms? Potentially, how strictly will it try and validate it? Would it allow the use of punctuation outside of -? Allow Repeats: Does Tatsu allow the use of repeated terms? Counting Rules: Likely the simplest of these games, Counting involves members sending individual messages, with an increasing number. Allow Chatter: Are users allowed to follow the number in their message with a message? Don't Break the Chain Rules: Perhaps even simpler than Counting, considering, Don't Break the Chain asks participants to repeat the same message, ad infinitum. Set Chain: Set a specific message to stick to, whether the chain is broken or not. Allow Flexible Matching: Does Tatsu allow for differences in content when it comes to formatting, such as in the case of markdown, and other invisible characters in messages. Require Attachment: Does Tatsu require users to attach the same first attachment with each message? (This is a sketchy option, due to differences between mobile and desktop Discord...) While this list might be very comprehensive, it is by no means a be-all end-all lists of all the settings that can, or should, be made available. On the whole, just having some version of these games, would be the primary interest in this suggestion. Examples: (Examples shown designed using YAGPDB) Username: Wolveric#0897
  4. Discord currently doesn't provide an endpoint for such data, and as such, this would require looping though a server's entire member list, likely at intervals, and caching members/member counts in a particular role, internally, so counts could lag behind, potentially significantly, and take up significant amounts of storage space, making this both costly, and ineffective, as it currently stands.
  5. Pretty sure this has already effectively been suggested here, as well as being in more detail, https://community.tatsu.gg/topic/196-housing-editing-suggestion/
  6. I feel like a system like this has the potential to add considerable design bloat, and to me, Tatsu tends to come across as a very light-weight bot... While it might conflict with Tatsu's design in that regard, I can't deny this is a fantastic inclusion for a bot focused on encouraging community, and I'd be interested to see how this idea pans out...
  7. Google Image, Reverse Image Search says at least one, and likely most, of these images, are not original.
  8. Notable issue with doing this, is Discord's bulk deletion requests are limited to 100 per-request, of messages sent within the last 2 weeks. The most reliable way to do this then, would be to entirely recreate a channel, which also has limits in the volume of requests you can put in. So from my knowledge as it stands, this is all round a bit of an awkward effect to accommodate, within the limitations Discord imposes.
  9. I don't see the immediate use of this, as you'd achieve the same effect by not entering any whitelisted channels, and if you want to pick some to exclude, you could use blacklisted channels. But I do agree with the sentiment the interface could use refinement. As for being able to select categories: Absolutely.
  10. While Tatsu is by no means the only bot this could apply to, I think it can be said in generally that the command controls have considerable room for refinement, beyond just this. As an example, where you have a uniform group of channels you want to enable multiple commands for, having to repeatedly and individually select the same group of channels you want to whitelist, for every single commands, with the drop-down for selecting them, also closing each time you select one, this becomes an incredibly tedious process. As consolidation, it's pretty reliable, and this is at least process you shouldn't need to be tackling on a regular basis.
  11. Whelp, if that's the case, that's unfortunate, but understandable.
  12. Suggestion: Allow reactions to quickly be added to posts, by clicking on current reactions listed on the post. Reason: Mostly laziness... but also more intuitive as UI/UX design. This is only my second post, and I've already managed to accidently add an RNG reaction with the fiddly reaction menu, when trying to vote on suggestions, and having the ability to click options in the current list of reactions would go a long way to alleviate this, if possible. On a similar side note: Outright removing reactions should also be possible, but that's can be left to the side. Username: Wolveric#0897
  13. There are people out there that are comfortable going by multiple pronouns, myself included. That's a fair inclusion by all means, but it's likely not the case they're "goofing around" for that case.
  14. Suggestion: Allow the ability, even if in a limited capacity, to change the text colour on commands with customisable elements such as backgrounds. Reason: Given the example screenshot below, I think it's pretty evident, the use of white text, when using things such as customisable cards, makes the text in the image nigh unreadable, when using certain backgrounds, making them an unviable choice if you want to make serious use of these commands. As such, the ability to choose, or even simply toggle, the colour of the text used on these cards, should be an option, as to avoid excluding these options that happen to be designed with a poor contrast to the current foreground text. Username: Wolveric#0897
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