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  1. I would also love to see them add white/beige/black/grey cabinets, cabinet tables, beanbags, wall shelves (love the artists, but the “white casual wall shelf is not even close to actually being white), dressers, clover cushions, small bookshelves, dining tables, small casual sofas, gaming chairs and other furniture. With so much furniture being bright colors, sometimes having the option of a basic color for other furniture.
  2. At the very least, remove the older shop items that are not really used much anymore. We all have enough dark wood padded chairs and assorted shades of wooden coffee tables and tables to furnish everyone’s house, and even when I posted them for free on my ad, it took 3 weeks and donating almost half of them for a giveaway to get rid of them. The items with multiple versions are always available in selling ads, and they just sit in my inventory. I did make sections of my ad for the cheaper furniture, so new players could see them easily, and I have been able to sell more that way, but it’s still annoying. It would also be nice to see the new cosmetics added to walks, although it might make their value drop some, the newer cosmetics are better than the older ones, and the designation of “walk only” is confusing to new players who think that means they are more valuable.
  3. Also something I have mentioned. The daycare slots are too low, and make most of the wall items useless.
  4. Please increase the amount of pet food per trade to 500. The 100 limit causes a lot of limitations when trading and accepting pet food for payment.
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