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Shop search/listing doesn't show all items (dashboard)

Gabe || Игорь#6666

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It's not just the house field issue, it's present in all field.

For example on house field, when I hit 'all house items' it leaves so many items out (for example only includes 4 potted fern but no any other plants.)

When I search in 'all house items', tried 'plant' and 'plants', nut it shows no any item in the shop with that name in that category. Tried blue casual small sofa, then sofa, because I know there's one but again no results.


The issue isn't only with these items, and it happens with other fields too, such as pet or badges, please fix it because this literally hides any new items ppl would buy

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I just noticed this on the website shop while trying to buy Expedition event items. They do not show up on search. Also, when I do go to Shop - > Events - > Expedition, I am unable to buy anything. Nothing shows up in the 'select what currency you want to use' field. ? I find the discord commands clunky and prefer to use the site when possible...

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