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t!wallet, t!profile + other commands with customisable backgrounds: Potential contrast issues with foreground text from using certain backgrounds.


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Suggestion: Allow the ability, even if in a limited capacity, to change the text colour on commands with customisable elements such as backgrounds.

Reason: Given the example screenshot below, I think it's pretty evident, the use of white text, when using things such as customisable cards, makes the text in the image nigh unreadable, when using certain backgrounds, making them an unviable choice if you want to make serious use of these commands.
As such, the ability to choose, or even simply toggle, the colour of the text used on these cards, should be an option, as to avoid excluding these options that happen to be designed with a poor contrast to the current foreground text.

Username: Wolveric#0897

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The current "fix" for this issue is to add a dark overlay on top of the background (like on the profile card), which makes some images uneccessarily dark. I think being able to customise the text color would be great, especially considering the colour scheme of most shop backgrounds ( very bright), and this would also be a great customisation option for supporters with custom backgrounds. 

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