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Adding Hamsters as a tatsugochi.


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Hamsters as a tatsugochi.


I would like for Hamsters to be a tatsugochi pet. I don’t have any specifics such as drawings or sketches or animations of what it would look like, other than it should be based on a Syrian Hamster. It would be a common pet and I would also probably make the category for it rodents, which would apply to any future rodents added as tatsugochi.


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new pets are always great, however it'd be nice if whichever new species is introduced doesn't get made legendary-only 

problem with it is, the bigger the pool of legendary pets, the higher the relative rarity of each individual legendary, which both means that legendary prices will keep climbing and that other non-L pets will be pretty much worthless if you keep in mind the cost of capsules and the chances of a VR+ drop [already kinda happening ever since the foxes were released, anything below very rare will only sell for peanuts]

for comparison [exact figures might be inaccurate bc wiki is out of date but it's good enough for a general idea]: 

if there's say 20 diff legendaries you can get, with a drop chance of 1.5% from a pet+ capsule, the chance of getting any specific L is 0.075%; for there to be the same relative rarity among rares, for example, you'd need a drop pool of ~1067 diff ones. the more legendaries there are, the less "rare" the other rarities feel, and this reflects in the market price, if that makes any sense 👀


tl;dr: - nice idea, but only if they don't all get made legendary

- L-only new pets = probably bad news for the economy, knowing that inflation had already been a problem [re: jul 2020 reset]

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