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Additonal Tatsugotchi Pet Ideas+Categorizing


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The current types of Tatsugotchi are currently Birds, Cats, and Dogs, and although others would like other animals as pets, how they would be organized is always brought up.

Current Working Idea:

Rodent section (hamsters, rats, mice, capybaras, gerbils, guinea pigs, duprasi, (fat-tailed gerbil), chincilla, chipmunks, degus, flying squirrels, etc)

Reptile section (turtles, salamanders, geckos, axolotl, etc)

Large Mammal section (pets like panda bears, black bears, horses/ponies, etc)

Exotic section (for creatures like foxes, koalas, red pandas, bats, possibly some insects like butterflies)
Just a thought.

Update: Foxes are now added as of Sept. 1st, 2021

Edited by Anonymouse#3759
Tatsu update for foxes implemented
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