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Preserving aspects of the current tatsu though arcade games in tatsumeeko


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Hi. I know many people have been concerned about their fishing stats being reset because of tatsumeeko. While we can all acknowledge that the new fishing will be better, many people still enjoy the old way. I had an idea to preserve this though arcade games. A hard to craft arcade games machine will give the players aspects to these “games” which are really just old aspects of tatsu. Other than keeping current fishing (and the plays stats plzzz) you could have other arcade games like for example. One that lets the players play some version of the v1 version of tatsu. Maybe during an winter event there can be one that lets you do the original greench encounters whenever you want. These things probably shouldnt give rewards like they do currently but maybe having them could give some sort of light in game buff like if you keep your v1 pet alive you get some perk. These items wouldn’t be very important. Just a way for those who want to to still have access to current aspects of the game (or past ones) while enjoying the great improvement to come.     

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