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Adjusting current vote system to give everybody an equal chance


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Dear Tatsu-Devs,
I am fortunate - I got Internet and voting twice a day is no problem for me.
Alas I know many members that are not that lucky, their living situation is different or they simply can't afford it. I know of many that rely on public Wifi and actually walk to places every day just to get their two votes for tatsu in - every day just for that. They can't do more aka four cause of opening hours (not everywhere in the world are stores open 24 hrs) or just because they cant go there twice a day understandably with work or other things (one person is doing that trip in a wheelchair every day!). So at the end of the month I always felt really really bad when despite having voted every single day - giving their two votes, -  they still fall just short of getting the special monthly price (see image). And it's realy very short depending on the month!
So I have always wanted to ask if you could lowering the goal from 65 (March22), sometimes 64 (Feb 22) or 62 (Nov 21) to 60 (30 day month) or 62 (31 day month) so these ppl have a chance too? Instead I saw this month that the goal has actually been raised to 72 again. I know it was normal or is the goal every other month at least - but it makes it impossible for these ppl to come even close and I already I have seen ppl silently stop voting. Ppl don't complain about it openly, as most dont want others to know they cant afford Internet at home or on their phones (some dont even have smartphones ik). But why make it so hard for them? Isnt it more important that Tatsu gets twice upvoted at least once a day? It certainly seems better than nothing and it still takes effort and remembering to do it every day (even if you have Internet access all the time like I do). Please just reconsider, so not so fortunate members dont get shut out... I know from other posts and answers that you plan to re-haul voting system in the future, which is exciting and I hope it will be better to include everybody in the world wanting to join in the Tatsu-games. But this is for now, as long as the current system is around. Merci for reading and everything you all do to make this a fun experience for everybody, Sincerely ur Wizzz

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Hello. The maximum number of votes you can get in a month with 30 days is 120 votes, if you vote consistently twice a day for both sites.

72 votes is 60% of that number.  That means you can get the monthly vote reward in 18 days if you vote consistently, which is just over half a month.  You can also vote just once a day (on both sites) for the entire month to reach 60 votes, then you would only need to vote a second time for 6 of those days to get the reward.

In the past, the number has been changed if: The month has less days (February has 28 days), either or both of the voting sites have persistent issues which prevent users from voting (March).

I don't see the issue in rewarding avid voters. Monthly rewards are a thank you for your dedication. Furthermore, there are lots of other voting rewards you can obtain, which roll over each month, so there is still a strong incentive to vote, regardless of the vote item. Luckily, people are often willing to sell or trade their vote items, so there are still plenty of opportunities for anyone to get the item.

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I have nowhere said that there is an issue rewarding avid voters. I only pointed out that not all ppl are as fortunate and I tried to speak out for those that aren’t. I simply tried to speak up for those who would never say anything themselves because they are too embarrassed that they don’t have smartphones or can’t afford Internet  at home and who I know go to (or in one instance I know take their wheelchair) public places with WIFI every day just to vote for Tatsu - but can’t stay there 12 hours to vote a second time. I have friends/met members on Discord who only get Internet in school - but they aren’t 12 hours in school, so they can only vote once. Therefor all these people get a max of 60 votes (on 30 day months) or 62 votes (on 31 day months). That’s all I meant to share as I feel really bad for all these people and simply felt it a touch unfair. I mean it’s ppl who prob don’t have much in life and have to cut back on much in rl - and then they are at disadvantage here too.

I didn’t ask for anything for myself, nor have I been unfriendly, unjust, attacked or unkind. I know you don’t like me and have downvoted me in the past for no reason, but this is isn’t about me and so there is no reason for this condescending reply when others get for similar requests a friendly one. I simply spoke up for others who would never do it for themselves. I simply thought voting once every single day is dedication as well. 
But nvmd. whatever I get I tend to share out to just these members for free anyhow. I rather spread kindness than keeping things for myself. Merci anyhow and I wish you happiness. 

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