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[Tatsugotchi] [t!tg feed] [QoL] Show remaining Pet Food/Credits on inventory when feeding pets.


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Suggestion: Showing the remaining Pet Food on inventory after each feeding action would greatly improve quality of life for full fatigue or long walk cycles, saving time, maths and probably a couple calls to the servers with an additional command to check the stock from time to time (not solo relevant but helps my idea look better :v ).


This simple addition makes it easy to keep track on the remaining stock and the units spent and the whole walk session profits, at a quick glance. 

Something similar kinda happens already when feeding a pet without having Pet Food on inventory:


The feeding message tells the user how many Credits were deducted for feeding... it's half a relevant info since it doesn't show the available amount of credits on wallet to know when to stop if you are close to bankruptcy (something usual for newcomers) but at the same time gives some idea to calculate the best walking/feeding cycles. This would also be a good suggestion to also show the remaining Credits on wallet in the case of feeding without Pet Food.


That's it, thx for reading.
Double thx if you up-vote.
& Triple thx to developers if this becomes a reality. 746857405085646968.gif.28ff378431b57f4e7e69a5fabb7ce8e7.gif

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