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Server: Tatsu's Lounge
User ID: 320658918831554560

Token-Only Items:
Small Abstract Dark Stones | 29K
Small Abstract Black Stones | 29K
Phantom Feast Sky | 30K
Phantom Feast Tiles | 29K
Phantom Feast Wooden Boards | 29K
Darkwood Flooring | 29K

Cat Tombstone | 20K
Bird Tombstone | 20K

Demonic Horns | 35K
Demonic Eyes | 33K
Ghost Buddy | 34K
Spiderweb Bandana | 32K
Up to 6 of each flooring and wallpaper. One of each for tombstones and cosmetics. Negotiable prices, but not by tons.

If I run out of tradable credits I'll convert some ASAP.
Prices are negotiable, but don't expect much, since these prices already will make me bankrupt.

My Store Stock (Link) for your [CO]/[UN]/[RA]/[VR]/[EP] Pets.
Store items can be traded with pets. Value of each pet rarity are listed in the selling ad. Bulk discounts can be negotiated.

My Selling thread.

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