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Read Before Posting - Miscellaneous Suggestion Guidelines


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Hi all, in order to help ensure an orderly & neat environment for suggestions, please adhere to the standards listed in this post.


This category allows users to make new suggestions or provide feedback and vote on existing miscellaneous suggestions,  unrelated to Games/Pets or the Reward system.


  • Vote for suggestions using 763693754971324428.gif?v=1 or 763691603130449950.gif?v=1 
  • If you have feedback or further ideas on an existing suggestion, post on that topic.
  • Stay on topic – this category is for suggestions that do not fall under the Games or Reward system categories.
  • Use the following format when making a new suggestion.

TOPIC TITLE: [relevant command]: [Key terms relating to your suggestion]

Suggestion: Description of your suggestion, include the relevant command if applicable

Reason: Why should this suggestion be implemented?

Images: Any supporting images or videos

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