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Read Before Posting - Bug Reporting Guidelines


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Hi all, please read this topic before creating your own! In order to help ensure an orderly & neat environment for bug reporting, please adhere to the standards listed in this post.


This category allows users to report bugs they encounter on the Tatsu bot, website or forums. It is also a good resource to stay updated on known issues and workarounds.

Note: Tatsu does not own the voting websites. You can report issues with voting sites in their respective discord servers.



  • Before posting, read the known bugs topic (link). If your issue is not listed there, search for key terms related to the bug. A topic may already exist for that issue.
  • If you have additional information about an existing report, comment on that topic (do not create a new one)
  • Stay on topic – this category is only for bug reporting.
  • Use the following format when making a new report. Fields marked with * are required.
TOPIC TITLE: [Bot/Dashboard/Forum]: [Key terms relating to your bug]

*Bug Description: [What actually happened. How the bug manifested.]

*Expected Behaviour: [What you think should have happened.]

*Steps to reproduce: [Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug. 
The more detailed the steps, the easier it is for the developer to track down the problem!]

Troubleshooting: [Did you try to fix it on your own? What did you try?]

Workaround: [Did you find a workaround to the problem despite the bug?]

*Supporting images: [Pictures or links showing the bug, if applicable.]

*Username: [Your discord username, so you can be contacted if necessary.]


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