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t!tatsugotchi walk: Decreasing credits rewards - Increasing credits reward chance

tmn loveblue#9469

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  • Decreasing the quantity of credits that can be found on a single walk attempt, from 500 - 1500 down to perhaps 100 - 300 credits.
  • Increasing the possibility of receiving credits on a single walk attempt to compensate for the lower prize, from 3.366% to 16.83%.
  • All numbers are taken off the top of my head.


Walking can be a very tedious activity. On occasions, one may choose to play Tatsu to pass the time, however playing t!tg walk in one sitting may result in no credits at all. This is very discouraging and anti-fun. My idea is reducing the prize but keeping it sufficient to instill a sense of significant win, whilst raising the chance to match. The total gain remains about the same, but people would win a lot more often, and feel more inclined to play.

USERNAME: tmn loveblue#9469

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Hey! I agree with this :))

When I walk I usually feel a lot of disinterest with the program because by the time I've finally gotten credits from it, I feel more "ugh finally" than ":))))"

As long as the proportions are kept when increasing percentages, I agree that this would help increase interactions with the program (I know mine and friend's definitely would!)

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