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Sort out the numbers for dc view rooms and sync view room flash commands with view room dc commands

Gabe || Игорь#6666

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1. The command button numbers are not in sync with the room numbers which can be really misleading for people, (for example button 5 to see room 4). It's really confusing why it is mixed up but it could be more simple if buttons would have the numbers of the rooms and the entire view been on the last numbered button or on zero.

2. Sync Flash commands with the dc view commands, because they aren't now.  In menu commands if I hit the menu botton "2" it takes me to room "3", but in flash command the behavior is completely different, in flash commands if I hit "dc 1", which is full view in the menu, it only takes me to room "1". I can't reach full view in flash commands with any number I use despite it's there in the menu.


Screenshot_20210903-111417483 (1).jpg

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