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[IMPLEMENTED] Limit ads to 1 per bot


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I know I'm not the only one, who finds it annoying, how some people are unable to delete their old ads.
And I guess the moderators also have better things to do, than to remind them over and over again.

So I searched for a solution and found this.
I don't know how easy it would be to integrate it in a bot, but I thought it's worth a suggestion.
Though the permission part may has to be complemented with a counter or the like?
Either way, they have to be re-enabled after deleting the old ad.

Alternatively, maybe it would be possible to let a bot delete all additional ads, until the old one was removed?

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Quite honestly, I find them extremely obnoxious. There have been times where I'm searching for an item, see like 20 results for said item in server... Only for there to be repeats, either in buying or selling ads. It is absolutely mentally exhausting because I look and expect 1 per user only to see that theres a user or more who have repeated their post without deleting the old.

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