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  1. This is actually a bug, so we'll be fixing it in the next patch.
  2. We do occasionally check the posts and some have been implemented, but as of this moment, our resources are focused on other things.
  3. We added ping so that users can easily search their level-up messages and, for the redirects, so that they'll know they leveled up.
  4. Implemented. It should be out in the next patch.
  5. I just implemented this feature, should be out next time the bot updates. Unfortunately, we're only able to fetch the last 100 messages sent in the channel, so duplicated messages may still exist if it's been long enough.
  6. Seems like you don't have any capsules that you can open. You can purchase a capsule from shop with this command: t!shop capsule
  7. Sorry, your suggestion has been denied. We have no way of validating whether user is actually "chatting" in VC or not.
  8. Threads inherit persistence settings from its parent channel. If the "main chat" has persistence disabled, then threads created under that "main chat" will also have persistence disabled.
  9. Moved thread to Games & Pets category.
  10. Moved thread to Games & Pets category.
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