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Is there a way to disable Tatsu's Starlight Festival posts on a server?



I was not sure if this was the right section, but it seemed like the most logical one.
I do not want to disable Tatsu all together because we use her to do dice rolls and other things for a DnD campaign, but the starlight festival prompts are becoming disruptive and no one is using them.
Is there a way to turn this off so that I do not have to keep going back and manually deleting all of the posts every time people start using the server's chats?

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You can use t@greench to disable event encounters so you will not get regularly notified about those.

You can disable specific commands with t@disable (command name) if you want to stop your users from interacting with specific aspects of the bot. In your case it sounds like you only use specific commands, so you could whitelist your server (so commands don't work anywhere), and then whitelist specific commands in certain channels (so only those whitelisted commands can work in non-whitelisted channels, but no other commands will). This can be done through the website, under your server, under the relevant command.

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