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Voting Rewards/xp bottles

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so here is the deal:

alot of people have different opinions on the xp bottles, some think they are op, and others think they are a really good feature.

from my opinions state: SMALL xp bottles give around 40k xp wich are about 3500 train commands, you get the bottle by simply voting for it so it makes it kinda unfair to just gain those xp for free.


so here is my suggestion:

i would love to have an item or even vote buff if you may that gives an XP boost to your training command, if its an item: make it last like 1 day with 3x the xp gained from train/walk, or 2 days with 2x the xp gained, for a more permanent solution, a voting streak reward, adding 100% xp gained or maybe only 75% xp gained from walks and trains.


this way it will be alot more relevant since it still involves your time in grinding with your pet rather than just slapping that xp into your pet.


(let me know if this is the wrong place to post it but i thought reward system is the right category)

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I don't have time to train my pet, so this buff would essentially be useless to me. Compared to that pet exp bottle, big or small, is more convenient for me. So i feel no reason to give up something convenient and less time consuming for myself.

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Training my pet is usually a waste of time, I rather walk my pet than training it. Walking is a net profit to me in terms of value so I wouldn't waste my time just getting EXP. The pet XP sodas are perfect for me, so I wouldn't want them to be changed. Thank you for understanding.

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Seems like the devs choose the middleway, reducing the size of the Pet XP Soda.
I'd have preferred to keep the medium one, but can live with the small too.
But please don't remove it completely.

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