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  1. https://support.tatsu.gg/hc/en-us/articles/4403218031513-How-to-play-Tatsugotchi
  2. The submissions are private until voting begins. You can view other people's pets and houses for inspiration from the #show-off-your-tatsu-pet and #houses-and-daycares channels in the the server https://discord.gg/tatsu
  3. Use t!open to open crates, bags and capsules.
  4. I believe this issue has been resolved, please try again.
  5. You have received the rewards, the message just didn't show up because of a bug. You can check t!item pumpkin and t!item candy corn before next claiming your fieldtrip and after to double check.
  6. This has been fixed. Thanks for the report.
  7. Resolved in the server. Package bundles bought on the store go straight to your inventory, they are only received through mail for users with supporter subscriptions.
  8. Copy of this post, which was denied. As for the "gifting" aspect, you can send a trade as mentioned above. You can pair it with a nice message to your friend letting them know it's a present for their birthday, I'm sure they would appreciate a personalised message. Denied. Mail is reserved for official Tatsu messages.
  9. As far as I know, the vote reward that is tradable is the item you receive at the end of the month (i.e. furniture or cosmetic, like the chibear chair and the pink bow). XP and time bottles have never been tradable, and I've never seen anyone say the contrary.
  10. I don't see why this is necessary, isn't this exactly what Discord Direct Messages are for?
  11. How would this work if they didn't have enough points? What's the benefit of having something like this, rather than the user buying more items manually? Interesting idea, I'm just curious to hear what it could be used for, and why a subscription system is necessary.
  12. Walk has been balanced to be a credit positive activity, and changes mentioned in this post has been implemented. Thread locked.
  13. The music bot is barely ever used as it is, dunno if this is really necessary
  14. Join at discord.gg/tatsu, invalid invite means the link you are using is wrong or has expired.
  15. I think adding more games that encourage gambling is a bad idea, would be better to just remove slots and replace it with something else in my opinion
  16. There were issues, I believe they've been resolved, please try again :)
  17. All supporter subscribers can claim June rewards by checking your mail using the "t!mail" command. If you would like to support Tatsu's development, you can consider subscribing here: https://tatsu.gg/supportus
  18. "All supporter subscribers can claim May rewards by checking your mail using the "t!mail" command."
  19. just confirm If you want to buy more than one or change the payment type, send separate messages with the number, or currency ex: t!shop pet food -> 100 -> tokens -> confirm (each arrow is a new message)
  20. I see, that's a bug with t!tg catch. You can still buy it from the shop with t!shop catch, and change the payment type to tokens.
  21. The command usage is same as buying items in shop. You must specify you want to pay with tokens after selecting the item/catcher you want to purchase. Use t!tg catch -> 1 -> tokens -> confirm (each arrow indicates a new message) = Enter "credit" or "token" to change your payment type
  22. You can sell role items, which users can buy with points and 'use' from their inventory to equip or unequip, like a selfrole. There's also the command [email protected], which you can use to create self roles that are available to any user for free with t!getrole
  23. How to create server items 1. Dashboard: https://tatsu.gg/me/servers > select your server > modules > Rewards & Store > Item creator > Add new item (scroll to bottom) 2. Command: [email protected] > 1 How to add items to your server store Can only be done through the dashboard, after you have already created items. https://tatsu.gg/me/servers > select your server > modules > Rewards & Store > Rewards store The item will not show up in your inventory unless you buy it or give it with [email protected]
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